You can connect to the switch directly via the serial interface, using minicom .

To disable tagging on all interfaces, enter (in Configure mode):
 switchport allowed vlan add untagged all 1

heat test

There are currently 3 sensors mounted into the woven Switch (Labels on sensors):
 # Cooler of front-row-processing units, leftmost  (Lo)
 # Cooler of Fabric-processor (RM)
 # power-supply-unit (RU)



Not mounted (desk-mounted), no network load, Room-temperature. Fandirection:blowing inside, second values after 1 hour.


same as test1 , blocked inflow for 2 minutes, then 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes


Not mounted, no network load, Room-temperature. Fan-direction:blowing outside (2,5,10,30minutes)


Rack mounted, fan outside


mounted in rack (3) full of nodes, fan blowing outside !, after 20 minutes


mounted in rack (3) full of nodes, fan blowing inside after 20 minutes


test # sensor 1 sensor 2 sensor 3
1 42.7°C 25.2°C 34.1°C
1.2 43.7°C 25.9°C 35.4°C
2.1 46.4°C 28.3°C 34.4°C
2.2 51.0°C 31.0°C 35.1°C
2.3 54.4°C 33.2°C 35.9°C
2.4 55.6°C 33.6°C 36.6°C
3.1 44.0°C 27.2°C 31.1°C
3.2 49.2°C 27.2°C 30.9°C
3.3 50.2°C 27.2°C 30.6°C
3.4 50.6°C 27.5°C 30.9°C
4. 52.8°C 32.5°C 32.6°C
5. 66.5°C LO 50.2°C RM 44.1°C RU
6. 60.6°C LO 45.3°C RM 51.2°C RU

  1. The reverse mounted fan fulfills it's purpose (desk-mounted): It cools. Even though some of the temperatures are slightly higher.
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