Case ID38101108 - X4500 reboots infinitely when jumpstarting with mirror setup

We encountered a problem, that when setting up a mirrored system disk during jumpstart (metastat business) the reboot after installation failed with a kernel panic similar to this reported incidence. Sun took over under above mentioned Case ID and suggested these two workarounds:


6486493 sata framework does not work correctly with ZFS boot or jumpstarted SVM root mirrors

    Workaround procedure using jumpstart postinstall/finish scripts:
    If a jumpstart postinstall/finish script is already being used, simply add the following line:

    echo 'name="sd" parent="marvell88sx";' >> /a/kernel/drv/sd.conf

    Please note the target must be /a/kernel/drv/sd.conf, not /kernel/drv/sd.conf.

6510504 X4500: marvell88sx has no driver_classes entry: S10U2/U3/U4 Snv56 jumpstart SVM cannot mount root

    Installing a X4500/thumper with s10u2 and s10u3 with svm with jumpstart will panic on bootup with :

    SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_118855-33 64-bit
    Copyright 1983-2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
    Use is subject to license terms.

    panic[cpu0]/thread=fffffffffbc22dc0: cannot mount root path /pseudo/md@0:0,0,blk

    fffffffffbc45940 genunix:rootconf+f7 ()
    fffffffffbc45970 genunix:vfs_mountroot+61 ()
    fffffffffbc459b0 genunix:main+a5 ()
    fffffffffbc459c0 unix:_start+95 ()

    skipping system dump - no dump device configured

    New Workaround Procedure:

    At the end of the install procedure add the following line to /a/kernel/drv/md.conf
    (where /a is the root of the newly installed environment).


    Once this line is inplace, the install can be allowed to finish and reboot. The system
    should then boot from a root mirror.

Persisting problems

The reboot worked, but after that we discovered this:
s11:~$metastat d30
d30: Mirror
    Submirror 0: d31
      State: Needs maintenance
    Submirror 1: d32
      State: Needs maintenance
    Pass: 1
    Read option: roundrobin (default)
    Write option: parallel (default)
    Size: 40965750 blocks (19 GB)

d31: Submirror of d30
    State: Needs maintenance
    Invoke: metasync d30
    Size: 40965750 blocks (19 GB)
    Stripe 0:
        Device     Start Block  Dbase        State Reloc Hot Spare
        c5t0d0s0          0     No            Okay   Yes

d32: Submirror of d30
    State: Needs maintenance
    Invoke: metasync d30
    Size: 40965750 blocks (19 GB)
    Stripe 0:
        Device     Start Block  Dbase        State Reloc Hot Spare
        c5t4d0s0          0     No            Okay   Yes

Device Relocation Information:
Device   Reloc  Device ID
c5t0d0   Yes    id1,sd@SATA_____HITACHI_HDS7250S______KRVN67ZBHUMTEF
c5t4d0   Yes    id1,sd@SATA_____HITACHI_HDS7250S______KRVN67ZBHW28KH

Running metasync d30 cured this but only briefly. One reboot later the same problem appeared again, thus we do suspect that something is still wrong here.

-- CarstenAulbert - 13 Jun 2008

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