July 7th minutes

Attending: the committee

Bruce's view:

in 2005 during his negotiations he was given the cooperative agreement and a formal offer. Cooperative agreement says that there should be a balance between MPG and university resources. In this agreement there are no staff MPG positions in KD's division. But the idea in setting this up was that there would be two experimental divisions.

Why balance ? Because this is how they were intended and the offer that he accepted.

Big operations in BA's division: E@h (Machenschalk, Bock, Eggenstein, all supported on BA's budget apart from Bock) and Atlas (Aulbert, Fehrmann also all from BA's budget). So BA uses Mors and Kruppa of the people that he supports. No support from Grass nor Weider.

Across the institute there are facilities that use central funds that BA's division does not use: electrical workshop, mechanical workshop...

Haupt is university-supported and gives BA's division some support. Part apart from this from the university very little support.

So when BA learned that there were university positions available he wanted to turn some of these for support of activities in his division. How ?

- Facilities: large (1MW) UPS-system that needs to be maintained, cooling system

- Software support (analogous to the mechanical and electronics workshop with 4 or 5 staff associated to these, no students or HiWis). The IT division does have the strength and personnel to do this. Wants software enginneer at the same level as Weidner, and in particular to support Atlas, E@H and generally the DA work in the division, all which rely on custom software. Open Cl port, post processing, ....

Software lab for students ? Do not know. probably not.

Cluster lab: Mirsolav , Carsten and Henning have ran a cluster lab for students.

- PR / outreach : BA's division needs is very limited < 0.5 FTE

When 3rd party funding comes in it also has to support facilities. It cannot just rely on existing resources. If 3rd party funding does not ensure support for facilities then there has to be some negotiation with university or MPG.

GH explains that some time these negotiations are not possible.

BA you just have to find a way to include support. He too wants to do a lot of things and he does not do them because he cannot find appropriate support.

HL: that has happened, MPG was asked to provide backing and they did not.

BA: perhaps should have been asked before.

GH: some support of that type has come in, SFB Programpauschale.

BA : yes, but it did not go to, for example, in supporting IT, which instead all the additional staff and extra-mural funding, are relying on. There has to be an agreement on how to use Programpauschale to support services.

BW: how do you see Mossavi's job ?

BA : some useful but can't quite say how. I know people get paid and that when things are purchased All personnel matters for BA division are not handled by KM. He has helped with cluster construction matters associated with University. he has supervised move over the weekend. How many hours this translates into ? Do not know but suspect that majority of business for BA's division is not handled through him because it is handled by MPG side. He was involved in budget projections. Does not report to him.

BW: teaching, great imbalance. Does cooperation agreement say anything about split ?

Support for teaching labs ? Is it to be considered as work for both divisions or for for both.

BA: do not know.

personally I came here to get away from teaching duties. Although he encouraged e.g. Badri to lecture, he does not make it mandatory.

The mission of the university is teaching. Mission of institute is primarily research not undergraduate teaching.

Report from Henning and Carsten (link here, local copy, presented by Reinhard): communication with University for management of building. In the past, some of the general needs items have not been supported well. They also outline some cluster-specific needs.

BW think that 1 person should be enough for the facility manager. Will talk to Mr Haupt.

RP: ticket system

HL : careful, especially with facility manager

GH : careful also about impression that this turns into a monitoring of his work

Split for now : 70-30.

Next meeting: Friday 11th at 8:30. Will look at PR.

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