BFS Sept 12th invitations

if you do not know what this is about you should probably not be reading this.



which suggested/which made
Giving a talk
1-1 Bruce Allen, AEI Hannover yes
2- 2 Gabrielle Allen, USA yes S
3- 3 Lee Wild, UK yes(dinner) s
4-4 Ed Seidel, USA yes S y
5-5 Sathya, USA/UK yes S y
6-6 MAP, AEI yes
7-7 Kostas Kokkotas, Tübingen yes s
8 Pia Astone, Italy
8-9 Nils Andersson, UK yes s
9-10 David Shoemaker, USA yes s
11 Virginie Shoemaker no s
10-12 Alberto Vecchio, UK yes
13 Cliff Will no
11-14 John Friedman, USA yes s y
15 Paula Friedman no s
12-16 Sheila Rowan, UK yes s
13-17 Jim Hough, UK yes
18 Ken Strain, UK no
14-19 Graham Woan, UK
15-20 Alicia Sintes, Spain yes s and L
21 Sascha Husa, Spain no s and L
22 Christiane Roos, AEI G no
16-23 Karsten Danzmann, AEI H yes(dinner)
17-24 Rachel Schutz, USA yes
24 Catherine Schutz, USA
25 Annalie Schutz, UK
18-26 Susanne Milde, Potsdam yes L
27 Kip Thorne, USA no s
19-20-28 Badri Krishnan, AEI H yes
21-22-29 Reinhard Prix, AEI H yes
30 Curt Cutler, no s
31 Anna Watts no
23-32 Ute Schlichting, AEI G yes s and L
33 Hermann Nicolai no
24-34 Manuela Campanelli, USA yes s y
35 Carlos Lousto no
25-36 Andrzej Krolak, Poland yes s
37 Miguel Alcubierre
26-38 Steve Berukoff yes y
27-39 Alberto Sesana, AEI G yes L
28-40 Stas Babak, AEI G yes L
29-41 Pau Amaro Seoane, AEI G yes L
42 Daniel Holz, USA yes S and L
30-43 Carsten Aulbert AEI H
31-44 Ian Taylor, UK yes S and L
32-45 Sanjeev Dhurandar, India yes S and L
46 Bala Iyer no
47 Rafael Sorkin
33-48 Harry Ward, UK
34-50 Massimo Tinto, USA yes s and L y
35-51 Vivienne Wild, UK yes(dinner)
52 Peter Williams, China no
53 Luciano Rezzolla no s
54 Hartmut Grote AEI H no
36-55 Harald L​ück, AEI H
37-56 Benno Willke, AEI H yes
38-57 Martin Hewitson, AEI H yes
39-58 Gerhard Heinzel, AEI H
40-59 Yousuke Itoh, Japan yes s and L
41-60 Roman Schnabel, Hamburg yes
42-61 Toshifumi Futamase, Japan yes s and L
43-62 Soma Mukherjee, USA yes
63 Duncan Lorimer, USA no
64 Ben Owen, PSU
44-65 A Buonanno, AEI G yes
66 Ian Jones, UK no
67 Elke Müller, Golm
45-68 Norna Robertson, USA yes

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