The current E@H webpages are based off of the 15982 boinc svn checkin.

git clone git:// html_test
cd html_test/
git log --grep=@15982 # will show the sha1 for git.  
git  checkout -b testing 614fa5fc0181 

[hammerd@einstein html_test]$ ls
bt  inc  languages  ops  project.sample  queue  user

# in separate terminal 
cd $E/html
cp -a inc/ languages/ ops/ project/ user/ email/ ~/html_testing/html_test/
[hammerd@einstein html]$ ls -f | grep -v stat

git remote rename origin tracking
git remote add david

git config branch.testing.remote|merge
git push david testing

add project 

-- DavidHammer - 29 Apr 2010

Steps done by Oliver (2010-06-08)

  • created new branch master in html_test (based on testing)
  • pushed testing to shared repo (for backup purposes, could be deleted)
  • pushed master to shared repo
  • cloned shared repo in html_prod (used a staging area, will be rename to html when all set for go-live)
  • copied html/user/radiopulsar to html_prod/user/radiopulsar (directory ignored by git)

  • html(_prod) and html are both having master checked out
  • larger tests/developments should use a dedicated branch in html_test, based on master
  • merge dedicated test branches into master when done, push to shared repo
  • pull new updates to master from shared (into html(_prod))

Steps done by David (2010-06-08)

  • ln -s ../../download download
  • mv html/stats_2* to html_prod/old_stats/
  • mv html/stats/ html_prod/
  • mv html/user_profiles html_prod/
  • ln -s ../user_profile/ user_profile
  • ln -s ../stats/ stats
  • mv sched_logs
  • mv html_test old/html/html_test_2010608
  • mv html_prod html_test # Look at webpages to see if it is OK
  • mv html html_2010608
  • mv html_test html

How to update the web codebase

  • This could either be done locally or in the html test directory (currently html_test on einstein)
  • remote tracking points to: git://
  • remote shared points to: git://
  • using a dedicated testing branch: boinc-update (arbitrary name)
  1. fetch latest changes from shared and BOINC tracking repo: git remote update
  2. create a new testing branch based on master: git checkout -b boinc-update shared/master
  3. merge in the latest changes in BOINC: git merge tracking/trunk
  4. fix conflicts and test, commit changes
  5. merge verified code into master: git checkout master && git merge boinc-update
  6. publish update on shared repo: git push
  7. checkout updates in html production directory: git pull
  8. crossing fingers...
  • run update_translations (cd html/ops && php update_translations.php)
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