Joint Golm-Hannover group meetings

Video-link, monthly, 1st Tuesday every month at 10h

The main idea is to have two speakers, one from Golm and one from Hannover, who will present some topic of their recent research.
The number of slides is restricted to 5, and the time is limited to 20 minutes (preferably even 15)

Date Talk Golm Talk Hannover
3 April 2008 Stas Babak: "Search for EMRIs"_ Ajith P: _"Parameter estimation of binary black holes"
8 May 2008 Ed Porter: "Effect of higher harmonics on estimating parameters of SMBH binaries" (ppt version) Christian Röver: "Modelling coloured noise"
5 June 2008 John T. Whelan: "F-stat Searches for White Dwarf Binaries in MLDC" Chris Messenger: "Searching for coherent X-ray pulsations from Sco X-1"
3 July 2008 Badri Krishnan: "Detecting gravitational wave emission from the known accreting neutron stars" Benjamin Knispel: "Searching Radio Pulsars in Tight Binaries"
2 Sept 2008 Berit Behnke: "Stabilization of the H2 LIGO detector in higher power operation" Reinhard Prix: "Random template banks and relaxed lattices" (handout version)
7 Oct 2008 Dirk Puetzfeld: "On the gravitational multipolar approximation technique" Holger Pletsch: "Parameter-space correlations of the optimal statistic for continuous gravitational-wave detection"
11 Nov 2008 Carlos Peralta: _"Stewartson layer in a Differentially Rotating Neutron Star"_ Francesco Salemi: "Status of the High-Frequency gw burst search on S5Y2/VSR1 data set"
2 Dec 2008 Emma Robinson: "An alternative approach to the search for stochastic signals" Kazuhiro Hayama: "RIDGE-Scalar: data analysis pipeline for search for scalar gravitational waves"
13 Jan 2008 Stanislav Babak: "Detecting signals from an extreme mass ratio inspiral" Martin Hewitson: "Data analysis for LISA Pathfinder"
3 Feb 2009 Michael Jasiulek: "Accurate Extraction of Spin/Mass/Psi_n in NR" Stefanos Giampanis: "Search for transient CWs"
3 Mar 2009 Christian Röver: "Supernova burst signal reconstruction based on waveform catalogues"  
5 May 2009 Antoine Petiteau: "Searching spinning Black Hole binaries in mock LISA data using a genetic algorithm" Paola Leaci: "Removing high-frequency spikes in the time domain"
9 June 2009 Pau Amaro-Seoane: "Eccentric massive black holes for LISA" Jonathan Leong: "Absolute amplitude calibration of GEO600"
1 Sep 2009 Franck Ohme: "Construction hybrid waveforms in the frequency domain" Maria Pareja: "Sky localization of burst searches with LIGO-Virgo"
6 Oct 2009 Steve Drasco: "Statistical errors in LISA observations of extreme or intermediate mass ratio inspirals" Benjamin Knispel: "Exploring the population of tight neutron star binaries"
1 Dec 2009 Lucia Santamaria: "Detection of intermediate-mass black hole binaries with ground-based gravitational-wave observatories" Letizia Sammut: "Search for continuous gravitational waves from the Low Mass X-ray Binary Scorpius X-1"
12 Jan 2010 Alex Nielsen: "Foliation Dependence of Black Hole Dynamical Horizons in Vaidya Spacetimes" Giulio Mazzolo: "Effects of interplanetary dust on LISA constellation"
9 Feb 2010 Sofiane Aoudia: "Overview on self-force" Chris Messenger: "A Bayesian strategy for the generation of pulsar time-of-arrival measurements"
9 Mar 2010 Berit Behnke: "Searching for continuous waves from the galactic center" Miroslav Shaltev: "Optimizing sensitivity of searches for continuous gravitational waves at fixed computing costs"
16 Nov 2010 Alberto Sesana: "Astrophysics with GW observations: Unveiling the massive black hole cosmic history with LISA" Henning Fehrmann: "accelerated generation and optimization of stochastic template banks using a hash cell algorithm"
1 Mar 2011 Constanze Roedig : "Limiting eccentricity of sub-pc MBH binaries surrounded by self-gravitating discs" Evan Goetz: "An all-sky search algorithm for continuous gravitational waves from spinning neutron stars in binary systems"
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GC-Talk.pdfpdf GC-Talk.pdf manage 1 MB 10 Mar 2010 - 10:54 BeritBehnke Berit's talk March 9th
GolmHanTalk_01032011_Roedig.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_01032011_Roedig.pdf manage 2 MB 28 Feb 2011 - 18:50 AntoinePetiteau Talk Constanze Roedig 01/03/2011
GolmHanTalk_01Dec2009_LetiziaSammut.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_01Dec2009_LetiziaSammut.pdf manage 439 K 01 Dec 2009 - 14:07 LetiziaSammt  
GolmHanTalk_01Dec2009_Santamaria.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_01Dec2009_Santamaria.pdf manage 881 K 01 Dec 2009 - 11:47 AntoinePetiteau Lucia Santamaria: 1st December 2009
GolmHanTalk_01Sep2009_MariaPareja.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_01Sep2009_MariaPareja.pdf manage 957 K 31 Aug 2009 - 21:08 MariaPareja  
GolmHanTalk_01Sep2009_Ohme.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_01Sep2009_Ohme.pdf manage 3 MB 01 Sep 2009 - 07:29 AntoinePetiteau Frank Ohme : 1st September
GolmHanTalk_03Mar2009_CRoever.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_03Mar2009_CRoever.pdf manage 281 K 03 Mar 2009 - 08:40 ChristianRoever presentation slides 3rd March 2009
GolmHanTalk_05May2009_PaolaLeaci.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_05May2009_PaolaLeaci.pdf manage 1 MB 04 May 2009 - 20:23 PaolaLeaci Paola's talk for Golm-Han video seminar May 5, 2009
GolmHanTalk_06Oct2009_Drasco.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_06Oct2009_Drasco.pdf manage 2 MB 06 Oct 2009 - 05:51 SteveDrasco  
GolmHanTalk_09022010_Aoudia.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_09022010_Aoudia.pdf manage 627 K 09 Feb 2010 - 08:28 AntoinePetiteau Aoudia 9 Feb 2010
GolmHanTalk_09032010_Shaltev.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_09032010_Shaltev.pdf manage 529 K 09 Mar 2010 - 08:45 MiroslavShaltev  
GolmHanTalk_090609_AmaroSeoane.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_090609_AmaroSeoane.pdf manage 461 K 08 Jun 2009 - 12:21 AntoinePetiteau Pau's talk 9 June 2009 : Eccentric massive black holes for LISA
GolmHanTalk_090609_Leong.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_090609_Leong.pdf manage 1 MB 08 Jun 2009 - 16:41 JonathanLeong  
GolmHanTalk_12Jan2010_GiulioMazzolo.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_12Jan2010_GiulioMazzolo.pdf manage 1 MB 11 Jan 2010 - 15:50 GiulioMazzolo Giulio Mazzolo's talk about effects of interplanetary dust on LISA
GolmHanTalk_16112010_Sesana.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk_16112010_Sesana.pdf manage 476 K 16 Nov 2010 - 09:13 AntoinePetiteau  
GolmHanTalk__00509_Petiteau.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk__00509_Petiteau.pdf manage 316 K 05 May 2009 - 07:49 AntoinePetiteau Petiteau's talk May 2009
GolmHanTalk__090203_Giampanis.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk__090203_Giampanis.pdf manage 896 K 01 Feb 2009 - 15:28 StefanosGiampanis  
GolmHanTalk__090203_MichaelJasiulek.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk__090203_MichaelJasiulek.pdf manage 1 MB 03 Feb 2009 - 10:48 AntoinePetiteau Michael Jasiulek 2 february 2009
GolmHanTalk__120110_Nielsen.pdfpdf GolmHanTalk__120110_Nielsen.pdf manage 412 K 11 Jan 2010 - 16:38 AlexNielsen Alex Nielsen Talk 12 Jan 2010
VideoseminarHanGolm2009.pdfpdf VideoseminarHanGolm2009.pdf manage 767 K 12 Jan 2009 - 21:54 StanislavBabak EMRI2009
hc_16112010_HenningFehrmann.pdfpdf hc_16112010_HenningFehrmann.pdf manage 766 K 17 Nov 2010 - 15:11 HenningFehrmann  
ltpda.pdfpdf ltpda.pdf manage 6 MB 13 Jan 2009 - 08:03 MartinHewitson Martin Hewitson's talk about LISA Pathfinder Data Analysis for 13th January 2008
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