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1.Make fake data

The imaginary object is set as Cassiopeia A , as it's a neutron star with supernova remnant which meets the criteria of a directed search. Its right ascension(Alpha) is 23h23m26s and declination(Delta) is +58°48′. Converted to radians, Alpha equals 6.12363287 and Delta equals 1.02625358.

(1)To inject a signal in the data, we enter the command:

lalapps_Makefakedata_v4 --outSFTbname=runningdir --IFO=L1 --ephemEarth=/home/weichangfeng.guo/earth00-19-DE405.dat --ephemSun=/home/weichangfeng.guo/sun00-19-DE405.dat --Tsft=1800 --fmin=751 --Band=2 --startTime=1126633792 --duration=10368000 --Freq=752 --f1dot=-1e-8 --f2dot=0 --Alpha=6.12363287 --Delta=1.02625358 --h0=1 --cosi=0.5 --psi=0.5 --phi0=0.5 --window=Tukey --refTime 1131817792.0

Jing's comments: 1 : also put the command lines used to generate the data of H1. 2:check the defination of Delta, is the value you set on it is right? (you can use the sky position of a known source, e.g Vela Jr, CasA, or Galaxy Center)

Guo's comments: 1:done 2: reset Delta=1, h0=1.

Data's frequency ranges from 751 to 753Hz, in the meantime signal's frequency is 752Hz. Output will be saved in "runningdir".

(2)And then to generate data for another detector H1, we do as the same way:

lalapps_Makefakedata_v4 --outSFTbname=runningdir --IFO=L1 --ephemEarth=/home/weichangfeng.guo/earth00-19-DE405.dat --ephemSun=/home/weichangfeng.guo/sun00-19-DE405.dat --Tsft=1800 --fmin=751 --Band=2 --startTime=1126633792 --duration=10368000 --Freq=752 --f1dot=-1e-8 --f2dot=0 --Alpha=6.12363287 --Delta=1.02625358 --h0=1 --cosi=0.5 --psi=0.5 --phi0=0.5 --window=Tukey --refTime 1131817792.0

(3)To search for the injection,we enter the command:

/home/weichangfeng.guo/201412_new_EaH_exe/einstein_O1MD1CV_1.00_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu__AVX --segmentList='/home/weichangfeng.guo/20170227_segmentList_O1_4m720h.seg' --ephemE /home/weichangfeng.guo/earth00-19-DE405.dat --ephemS /home/weichangfeng.guo/sun00-19-DE405.dat -o /home/weichangfeng.guo/GCT60.out --DataFiles1='/home/weichangfeng.guo/runningdir/*' --Freq=751.9998 --FreqBand=0.0004 --dFreq=3.214826e-07 --f1dot=-1.002e-08 --f1dotBand=4e-11 --df1dot=1.325529e-12 --gammaRefine=8 --f2dot=0 --f2dotBand=1.443369e-17 --df2dot=1.180659e-18 --gamma2Refine=20 --computeBSGL --BSGLlogcorr=0 --Fstar0=52.559 --oLGX=0.5,0.5 --nCand1=10000 --SortToplist=6 --recalcToplistStats=1 --printCand1 --semiCohToplist --FstatMethod=ResampBest --FstatMethodRecalc=DemodBest --gridType=3 --skyGridFile={6.12363287 1.02625358} --loudestSegOutput --getMaxFperSeg=1 --peakThrF=2.6 --WUfpops=1.44e+14 --refTime 1131817792.0

Jing's comments: 1:copy the files to your own home directory, don't use the terms like "/jing.ming/" . 2 remove the "#", and use /home/jing.ming/mismatch/Condor/segmentLists/20170227_segmentList_O1_4m720h.seg ( also copy it to you home directory at first).

Guo's comments:1:only use "jing.ming" as the beginning of command. 2:done

For our goal is to find the signal, and larger searching range requires more computational power, we set very small ranges for parameters compared to the data.

(4)We get 3 data files after the program runs, which are named GCT60.out,GCT60.out-BSGLtL,GCT60.out-BtSGLtL.Then we use Freq,f1dot and <2F> to plot a three-dimensional map. The data comes from GCT60.out-BSGLtL.


gnuplot> set xlabel "Freq"
gnuplot> set ylabel "f1dot"
gnuplot> set zlabel "doubleF"
gnuplot> splot "./GCT60.out-BSGLtL" using 1:4:7

2.Generate injection parameters list

(1)The program ‘make_fake_data.py’ generates data by calling the injection parameter lists, so we have to generate them at first. Specific requirements are as follows:

In the range from 100 Hz to 1400 Hz, we have to make a list every 100 Hz, with a characteristic frequency f* = 100,200,...,1400.
For each list, there are 1000 injection signals included, whose frequencies f0 are in a range of 2 Hz, and the range is symmetric about f0 (eg, for a list with f*=400 Hz, the frequency of the injected signal ranges from 399 Hz to 401 Hz. ). Moreover, they are uniformly distributed, so the frequency of each injected signal is randomly taken in a frequency band whose length is fband=2 Hz/1000=0.002 Hz. In addition, in order to make the frequency of two adjacent injection signals not too close, make the minimum spacing length is fgap = 0.001 Hz, then change fband to 0.001 Hz, thus ensuring that the quantity of injected signals continues to meet the requirement.

Frequency derivatives f1 range is (), and frequency second derivative f2 range is (), where τ is the age of target source. And it should be noted that the two are uniformly distributed on the power law based on 10.
In addition, there are three angle parameters: cosi, phir, psi. They also require uniform distribution. The respective ranges of values are determined by the physical meaning.cosi is cosine of the angle between the stellar rotation axis and the direction from the star to the Earth. phir is the initial GW phase. psi is the polarization angle.


[1]Here comes a problem that when I enter this command, there is no output and only a symbol “>” without any other prompt.


2018-07-26 15:28:11.1252 (3996839) [CRITICAL]: Failed to open '1' for reading: 2: No such file or directory
2018-07-26 15:28:11.1252 (3996839) [CRITICAL]: Failed to open '1' for reading: 2: No such file or directory
2018-07-26 15:28:11.1252 (3996839) [CRITICAL]: ERROR: error 4 in command-line parsing
2018-07-26 15:28:11.1252 (3996839) [normal]: done. calling boinc_finish(4).

I think file"1" refers to the parameters which I didn't care about and set last time as you told me.


13:20:38 (61146): Can't open init data file - running in standalone mode
2018-07-27 13:20:38.969992 - mytime()
SetUpSFTs: Segment list seems inconsistent with data read: segment 0 contains 2746 SFTs, should hold 1500 SFTs
Error[1] 3: function SetUpSFTs, file /home/jenkins/workspace/workspace/EAH-GW-Master/SLAVE/LINUX64/TARGET/linux-x86_64/EinsteinAtHome/source/lalsuite/lalapps/src/pulsar/GCT/HierarchSearchGCT.c, line 2393, $Id$
ABORT: Bad argument values
Level 0: $Id$
Function call `SetUpSFTs( &status, &usefulParams )' failed.
file /home/jenkins/workspace/workspace/EAH-GW-Master/SLAVE/LINUX64/TARGET/linux-x86_64/EinsteinAtHome/source/lalsuite/lalapps/src/pulsar/GCT/HierarchSearchGCT.c, line 884

Level 1: $Id$
Status code 3: Bad argument values
function SetUpSFTs, file /home/jenkins/workspace/workspace/EAH-GW-Master/SLAVE/LINUX64/TARGET/linux-x86_64/EinsteinAtHome/source/lalsuite/lalapps/src/pulsar/GCT/HierarchSearchGCT.c, line 2393
13:20:54 (61146): called boinc_finish

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