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Institute Seminars AEI Hannover

NOTE: this is an internal "information-pooling" page, for the 'official' seminar page, see here, which also contains the definitive information about available time-slots.

List of potential speakers for AEI Hannover seminar series 2008/2009

Speakers who have already agreed:

  • Prof Michael Kramer (Manchester)

more ideas for potential speakers to contact: ([C] marks speakers also suitable for faculty colloqium)

Contact Management

Speaker Affiliation Topic Suggested by Colloqium Invited on Replied on Status
John T Whelan AEI Searching for Periodic Gravitational-Wave Signals in Space- and Ground-Based Detector Data         Talk on 30.10.08
Craig Hogan             Talk on 20.11.08
Luciano Rezzolla AEI           Confirmed
Karl-Heinz Zwick-Meinheit AEI Laserschutz-Einweisung         Confirmed
Prof Michael Kramer Manchester       9.10.08 9.10.08 Planned for early 2009
Prof Viki Kaspi McGill       13.10.08 24.10.08 NO!
Dr. Scott Randsom NRAO Charlottesville       13.10.08 15.10.08 Planned for Feb./March 2009
Dr. Paul Shellard U. of Cambridge       14.10.08    
Dr. Tobias Kippenberg MPQ Garching     Yes 14.10.08 23.10.08 Planned for 2009
Prof Adrian Ottewill UC Dublin       14.10.08    
Prof Alexander Vilenkin Tufts University       14.10.08 21.10.08 Planned for 2009
Prof Vicky Kalogera Northwestern       14.10.08 14.10.08 Planned for 2009
Prof Michael Turner U of Chicago     Yes 14.10.08    
Prof Francis Everitt Stanford     Yes 14.10.08    
Prof Cliff Will Washington University     Yes 14.10.08 16.10.08 Planned for May-August 2009
Prof Craig Hogan U of Washington     Yes 14.10.08 17.10.08 Talk 20.11.08
Prof Neil Gehrels NASA GSFC       14.10.08 19.10.08 Planned for Spring 2009
Rick Jenet Brownsville       14.10.08    
Andrea Lommen Northeastern?       14.10.08 15.10.08 19.2.09
R. Blandford Stanford     Yes 3.11.08    
M. van derKlis         30.10.08    
Zeilinger, or someone from Zeilinger's group?       Yes      
Reinhard Genzel U. München     Yes      
Jürgen Müller       3.11.08    
or Reinhard Rummel |TU München | | | |3.11.08 | | |
Jakob Flury         30.10.08 4.11.08 30.4.09
Niko Sneeuw         30.10.08    
Stefan Rahmstorf on climate change U. Potsdam            
Lyn Evans CERN            
Nergis Mavalvala         3.11.08    
Sheila Rowan         3.11.08    
Ronny Nawrodt              
PALFA / J. Cordes Cornell            
E. Flannagan         3.11.08    
C. Cutler         3.11.08    
Max Camenzind              
Steve Nerem              
Byron D. Tapley         4.11.08    
Jens Gundlach              
Nick Stergioulas         3.11.08   12.3.09
Antoine Heitmann              
Dirk Bouwmeester       Yes      
Dan Werthimer|UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab.| | | | | | |
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