Compile & install lalsuite from source

  • if you want to just use LALApps (instead of developing and debugging), replace debug with ndebug and add --disable-debug to configure options in the instructions below
  • cd to the lalsuite source directory; then record the directory: LALSUITE=$PWD
  • choose a directory for your installation and assign this to a variable, eg. PREFIX=$HOME/lscsoft/debug (I'd use different directories to install debug & non-debug versions of LALSuite)
  • make sure no irritating remnants of old installations are left in that directory: rm -f $PREFIX/etc/lal*-user-env.* $PREFIX/lib/pkgconfig/*lal*.pc
  • make build directories for the lalsuite modules you intend to build (I don't like to build in the source tree): for me it's mkdir -p build/debug/lal build/debug/lalapps build/debug/lalpulsar build/debug/lalframe
  • run ./00boot
  • build and install LAL first: cd build/debug/lal && $LALSUITE/`basename $PWD`/configure --prefix=$PREFIX && make && make install
  • source user-envs: for i in $PREFIX/etc/lal* ; do source $i ; done
  • build and install other LAL libraries (not LALApps yet) (not that the only thing different in lines below is the cd command argument):
    • cd ../lalpulsar && $LALSUITE/`basename $PWD`/configure --prefix=$PREFIX && make && make instal && for i in $PREFIX/etc/lal* ; do source $i ; done
    • cd ../lalframe && $LALSUITE/`basename $PWD`/configure --prefix=$PREFIX && make && make instal && for i in $PREFIX/etc/lal* ; do source $i ; done
  • finally, build & install LALApps the same way:
    • cd ../lalapps && $LALSUITE/`basename $PWD`/configure --prefix=$PREFIX && make && make instal && for i in $PREFIX/etc/lal* ; do source $i ; done
  • In the future whenever you want to use LALSuite (LALApps) stuff, make sure you source the appropriate user-envs: for i in $PREFIX/etc/lal* ; do source $i ; done
    • I purposefully don't write this into a ~/.profile, ~/.bashrc or similar, because I tend to forget what I've written there and may end up using versions of things that I don't want.

-- BerndMachenschalk - 28 May 2010
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