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My Projects (still incomplete)

  • Einstein@Home
    • Binary Pulsar Search (BRP)
      • "BOINCification" of search code
      • Support for Linux, Mac OS and Windows
      • Workunit generator daemon
      • CUDA implementation
      • OpenCL implementation
      • Cross-platform build script
      • Cross-compilation support for Windows on Linux
      • FFT library benchmarking (FFTW, IMKL, ACML)
      • Performance tuning (vectorization using SSE/GCC, PGO)
      • Press material (pulsar discovery simulation (3D-video and audio), public radio interview)
    • Hierarchical / Global Correlation Search (S5)
      • Code Reviews
      • Maintenance / support
    • Database optimizations
      • Database-driven locality scheduling
      • Query and index tuning (talk at BOINC Workshop)
      • Database replication and backup
    • Project specific web preferences (PHP)
      • Graphics settings
      • Application opt-out
      • Proper XML support
    • Candidate Databases (S5 and ABP, incl. BLOB import/export)
    • Graphics Framework
      • Object-oriented framework (3rd party / community involvement)
      • OpenGL/SDL screensaver and/or search visualization app
      • Support for Linux, Mac OS and Windows
      • Implemented for S5 and ABP visualization
      • XML web preference support
      • Cross-platform build script
      • Cross-compilation support for Windows on Linux
      • Doxygen documentation
    • Exception handling (stacktrace support)
      • Linux (libc/binutils extension)
      • Windows (cross-compiled, based on DrMingw)
    • Server infrastructure at AEI Hannover
      • Layout and maintenance
      • VPN connections to UWM
      • Monitoring
  • LSC Algorithm Library Suite: LALXML module design and implementation
  • International Year of Astronomy 2009: "PulsatingScience"
    • Interactive 3D binary pulsar simulation
    • Support for Linux, Mac OS and Windows
    • Multi-language (en, de)
  • LIGO Data Replicator (ATLAS storage engine)
  • ATLAS cluster data distribution
  • Git introduction
    • AEI Hannover (gitosis service)
    • LSC/DASWG (member of VCS advisory committee)
  • Wiki evaluation and introduction
    • AEI Hannover
    • LSC/CW-Group (also: proposed patch vetting page)
    • Neutron Star Meeting
  • Task Force "Groupware"
  • Single-sign-on (AEI, LSC AuthProject, LDAP, Kerberos, Shibboleth)
  • LSC paper peer-review
  • Smartmontools (added Areca RAID controller support)

Other useful topics 'n' tools

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    • #Set LINKTOOLTIPINFO = off

UserForm edit

FirstName Oliver
LastName Behnke
OrganisationName Max-Planck-Institute for Gravitational Physics
Country Germany
Location 037
InstantMessaging (IM)
Email I bet you know it anyway
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