Wiki Evalution for Pulgroup

(or: getting away from the evil elog ...)

Motivation and overview

There are various well-known problems with our current pulgroup pages so that looking to move to a new system has been identified (and agreed upon) to be timely and important.

There are basically two choices:
  1. Use the MoinMoin wiki that has already been set up at UWM, which is currently used by the CBC group
  2. use a different wiki if we find a better one and the advantages are sufficiently great

Ok, so a little survey of suitable wiki-solutions was performed, guided by the following requirements:
  • FreeSoftware: OSS/GPL based
  • Code maturity
  • Active development
  • Active support, large user community
  • Page Permissions
  • Access Control Lists: read+write restrictions
  • Media Revisions

Using the comprehensive wiki-comparison tool with these criteria has eventually brought forward two alternatives: TWiki and TikiWiki, so our total field of contenders is now:

Comparison between MoinMoin, TikiWiki and TWiki

A comprehensive side-by-side comparison of features can be obtained from the wikimatrix following this link:

All three look very strong, but there a few points to highlight:
  • Media Revisions are not supported in MoinMoin, i.e. uploading new versions of pdfs, figures, etc overwrites the old ones, no history/revision tracking. Both TikiWiki and TWiki support this.
  • HTML tags: TikiWiki only supports 'some' HTML tags, while TWiki understands all of them, MoinMoin apparently too using a plugin
  • WYSIWYG editing is supported in MoinMoin and TWiki, but only partially in TikiWiki
  • Math Typeset seems to be supported by all 3 to various degrees via plugins
  • TWiki supports so called "sub webs" which let you structure a usually flat wiki in a hierarchical fashion (very helpful to support more than one group/project in one wiki!)

Detailed notes:




Poll on favorite choice for group web-pages

A doodle poll on the above choices has been launched:

The unanimous (so far) candidate seems to be: TWiki
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