Test of scalar-tensor theory from observations of gravitational wave bursts


  • Kazuhiro Hayama(NAOJ-TAMA, AEI at Hannover)
  • Atsushi Nishizawa(NAOJ-TAMA)

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Project Description

Scientific goals

  • To search for scalar gravitational wave signals in scalar-tensor theory using data from a network of detectors. Set upper limits in the absence of the detection.
  • To constrain gravity theory in strong gravity field.
  • To understand how to optimally use network analysis methods with real data for the gravitational wave tests.

Data sets

  • S5 and S6.

Analysis approach

  • Coherent network analysis.
  • Input data: h(t)
  • Output
    • reconstructed time series for h+(t), hx(t), ho(t)
    • Background analysis on reconstructed ho(t)
    • auxiliary outputs, such as estimates of line amplitudes and phases, that can be helpful for diagnostics



  • Scalar pipeline



Published Papers

-- KazuhiroHayama
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