Setting up Einstein@home Build Machines

Linux x86 (woody-qemu)
  • Set up a machine using Debian 3.0 "Woody" (CD, DVD image). For a VM, use "Linux 2.4 Kernel" and boot the installation with "bf24" (2.4 kernel)!. During installation, add the /kernel/arch/i386/kernel modules to the installed Kernel. A minimal system is ok for a first step.
  • Download and unpack install.tar.gz somewhere (/root is ok). The archive contains three files:
    • packages.dpkg: a dpkg package list
    • a shell script to download & compile some stuff (including gcc-4.0.3)
    • a shell skript that installs the packages listed in dpkg.packages from the DVD and then runs to install the rest of prerequites needed to build an Einstein@home application
  • login as root:
    • echo "send host-name \"`hostname`\";" >> /etc/dhclient.conf
    • apt-get install curl-ssl tar gzip; curl | tar -xzf -
    • ./

  • Set up a machine using Ubuntu 4.10 Warty Warthog (CD, local copy)
  • sudo apt-get install gcc g++ automake autoconf libtool install make curl wget zlib1g-dev
  • Compile additional stuff using (should be almost identical to the one used for Woody)
  • If you want to install other packages (like emacs21) add what you need from
deb warty main restricted
deb-src warty main restricted
deb warty-updates main restricted
deb-src warty-updates main restricted
deb warty-security main restricted
deb-src warty-security main restricted
deb warty universe
deb-src warty universe
deb warty-updates universe
deb-src warty-updates universe
deb warty-security universe
deb-src warty-security universe

deb warty multiverse
deb-src warty multiverse
deb warty-updates multiverse
deb-src warty-updates multiverse
deb warty-security multiverse
deb-src warty-security multiverse

Linux x86_64 (drake64-qemu)
deb dapper main restricted
deb-src dapper main restricted
deb dapper-updates main restricted
deb-src dapper-updates main restricted
deb dapper-security main restricted
deb-src dapper-security main restricted
deb dapper universe
deb-src dapper universe
deb dapper-updates universe
deb-src dapper-updates universe
deb dapper-security universe
deb-src dapper-security universe

deb dapper multiverse
deb-src dapper multiverse
deb dapper-updates multiverse
deb-src dapper-updates multiverse
deb dapper-security multiverse
deb-src dapper-security multiverse
to /etc/apt/sources.list. A tarball containing emacs21 and prerequisites (emacs21-bin-common emacs21-common emacsen-common libungif4g xaw3dg) should be at

Mac OS X (eddie (PPC), trillian (x86))
  • Install Mac OS 10.4
  • Update Mac OS
  • Download & Install Xcode 2.5
  • Install MacPorts-2.1.3-10.4-Tiger.dmg (local copy, MacPorts site)
  • sudo port selfupdate
  • sudo port install autoconf automake pkgconfig libtool git-core openssl python27 python_select (full list: apr apr-util autoconf automake bzip2 curl curl-ca-bundle cyrus-sasl2 db46 expat gdbm gettext git-core gperf help2man libiconv libidn libtool m4 ncurses ncursesw neon openssl p5-error p5-locale-gettext perl5 perl5.8 pkgconfig popt python27 python_select readline rsync serf sqlite3 subversion zlib)
  • sudo port select python python27
  • sudo ln -s /opt/local/bin/glibtoolize /opt/local/bin/libtoolize
  • Installing Porticus makes things easier


Windows (cross-compiled on squeeze-qemu)

Windows (with MSC, obsolete since Windows apps can now be cross-compiled on Linux)

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