Holodeck headnode BIOS/Firmware configuration

(this only works with a recent enough UEFI, tested with version 2.32, failed to work with version 2.20)

  1. enter system configuration by hitting F1 during boot
  2. select Load Default Settings (this may take quite a while)
  3. under System Settings configure the following
    1. Storage select AVAGO and then continue with
      1. Set Factory Defaults (along with confirmation)
      2. under Configure select Clear Configuration (again with confirmation)
      3. under View Server Profile and Controller Management select the first SSD device (should be second to last on this list)
    2. select Network and Network Boot Configuration
      1. for each NIC except the first one in slot 5, disable both UEFI PXE Mode and Legacy PXE Mode, don't forget to Save Changes every time
      2. for the first NIC in slot 5 you only disable UEFI PXE Mode but keep Legacy PXE Mode enabled
    3. under "Legacy Support",
      1. disable Non-Planar PXE
      2. enable Infinite Boot Retry
  4. under Boot Manager
    1. under Boot Modes, set
      1. System Boot Mode to Legacy Mode
      2. Qptimized Boot to disabled
      3. Quiet Boot to disabled
    2. under Delete Boot Option remove everything but Hard Disk 0 and PXE Network
    3. under Change Boot Order change order such that PXE Network is before Hard Disk 0
  5. Finally, select Save Settings and then Exit Setup and reboot the machine by hitting Enter

-- CarstenAulbert - 28 Feb 2017

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