internal package Foswiki::Plugins::DirectedGraphWebMapPlugin

internal package DirectedGraphWebMapPlugin

initPlugin($topic, $web, $user) -> $boolean

  • $topic - the name of the topic in the current CGI query
  • $web - the name of the web in the current CGI query
  • $user - the login name of the user
  • $installWeb - the name of the web the plugin topic is in (usually the same as $Foswiki::cfg{SystemWebName})


Called to initialise the plugin. If everything is OK, should return a non-zero value. On non-fatal failure, should write a message using Foswiki::Func::writeWarning and return 0. In this case %FAILEDPLUGINS% will indicate which plugins failed.

In the case of a catastrophic failure that will prevent the whole installation from working safely, this handler may use 'die', which will be trapped and reported in the browser.

Note: Please align macro names with the Plugin name, e.g. if your Plugin is called FooBarPlugin, name macros FOOBAR and/or FOOBARSOMETHING. This avoids namespace issues.

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