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Parent package: Foswiki::Query
Child packages:

    internal package Foswiki::Query::ConditionalOP is a Foswiki::Query::OP

    Base class for binary conditional operators.

    StaticMethod compare($a, $b, \&fn) → $boolean

    Apply a binary comparison function to two data, tolerant of whether they are numeric or not. \&fn takes a single parameter, which is the result of a <=> comparison on $a and $b. The result of applying \&fn is returned.

    ObjectMethod evalTest($node, $clientData, \&fn) → $result

    Evaluate a node using the comparison function passed in. Extra parameters are passed on to the comparison function. If the LHS of the node evaluates to an array, the result will be an array made by applying \&fn to each member of the LHS array. The RHS is passed on untouched to \&fn. Thus (1,-1) > 1 will yield (1,0)

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